What technological solutions do you use?

Modern devices are already used at the stage of measurement collection. Digital measurement means high precision, mobility and time savings. The next phase is 3D modelling.

What are the benefits of employing modern technologies in the manufacturing of upholstery?

First of all, it minimises the risk of error at a crucial stage of design, as it is fully digitalised process. Furthermore, it ensures the convenience of remote cooperation, thus reducing the costs.

What about product visualisation?

In this phase, our designers create three-dimensional models, whereby the customer has a real influence on the final shape of the product. On a regular basis, we also work on models and CAD files, such as .dxf, provided to us by our customers. Over the course of this process, patterns are formed using specialised software. Fabric cutting is also performed digitally.

So does the production process begin at this point?

Yes, it does. We have at our disposal an extensive park of advanced sewing and upholstery machines. But this technology does not only involve hardware and software. Above all, it is based on the vast twenty-five-year-long experience of our professionals.