What is the importance of the long tradition of the Adratica Company for the quality your products?

We know our business, as well as the yacht market and the design trends in our field. For our company, this expertise means a lack of concern about the future, because pass on this experience I acquire to my children, who then proceed to co-create this tradition. For the customer it implies the comfort of finding comprehensive solutions in one place. When executing a custom order, it is particularly important to take into account the nature of the client and that of the design assumptions.

And what constitutes a comprehensive solution?

I mean the execution of the order from the very concept, based on a thorough analysis of customer’s expectations and their vision, through the measurement and visualisation of the design and the selection of appropriate materials – all the way to the manufacturing of the final product. Successful accounting for so many factors in the production process calls for plenty of experience, which we have.

Jarosław Krupa
– the Founder of the Company